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Algae Culture Applications
Inoculum For Seed Train

Producing omega-3 oils (EPA/DHA) or other commodities from algae needs large systems like raceway ponds or massive tubular systems to be cost effective, but these systems need to be inoculated with large volumes of clean algae.

Culturing enough clean algae to inoculate massive systems is labour intensive using carboys. As a result less-biosecure open systems are often used. These allow contaminant organisms, like algal grazers, to take hold early, lowering lifetime and daily yields of the mass culture.

Our closed photobioreactors provide an ideal environment to culture practically any strain of algae, allowing you to harvest hundreds of litres of biosecure algae every day to inoculate massive systems easily and cleanly.

High Value Bioproducts

Algae are used to produce many valuable pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, carotenoids, and pigments.

Culturing clean algae is labour intensive and unreliable. Traditional methods of culturing algae are space intensive and prone to contamination, resulting in contaminated batches, lost time, and revenue.

Our biosecure PBRs provide an ideal environment for even the most sensitive algae with automated controls that yield longer lasting, continuously producing cultures, allowing you to harvest hundreds of litres of biosecure algae every day.

Pilot-Scale Production

Valorizing novel processes and strains is a race against time. Turning intellectual property into a viable product requires validation with more than flask quantities of algae to ensure results scale with volume.

Culturing enough clean algae for process validation is labour intensive and unreliable. Contaminant algae, bacteria, and algal grazers limit growth and production of desirable strains, while contaminated batches waste months of progress and lead to missed milestones.

Our automated PBRs provide an ideal environment for culturing even specialized algal strains, allowing you to easily produce hundreds of litres of biosecure algae every day for pilot scale operations, validating production efficiency and harvesting technologies.

Wastewater Remediation

To achieve the goal of a remediation pond, whether it’s uptake of organic waste, heavy metals, greenhouse gases, or valorizing a waste stream, having the system reliably produce the algae that work best to achieve the goal is important.

Open ponds require a strong inoculum. Contaminant algae, algal grazers, and high levels of bacteria decrease pond performance, increasing crashes and decreasing daily productivity.

Open ponds also often require a constant influx of desirable algae to avoid a population shift and function reliably. Without this, the microbiota of the ponds will naturally shift, making the processes less efficient or even contaminating the intended bioproduct with toxins or other undesirable biomass.

Our closed, automated PBRs control vital parameters, continuously providing hundreds of liters per day of biosecure algae culture to reliably seed larger remediation systems.

Benefits of PBRs

  • Start producing high quality algae immediately
  • Decrease downtime due to mass culture crashes
  • Increase productivity of mass cultures by increasing daily yield
  • Reduce labor
  • Save floorspace
  • Optimize production with real-time feedback
  • Prove out technology faster to hit your milestones, get to market faster, and achieve revenue goals

Support to Help Hit Your Targets

  • Free upfront consultation on scale and goals to ensure proper solution fit
  • Turnkey algae photobioreactors with optional on-site installation and training
  • Full schematic and instructions for easy use and maintenance
  • Remote training and support to achieve production goals
  • Remote access and real-time data logging let us advise remotely to optimize PBR production

What Our Customers Say

“We use them for biopharmaceutical culturing, but also our mariculture group purchased one for food for their oyster hatchery…..A gem for the industry!

Daniel Baden, Ph.D – Executive Principal MARBIONIC Marine Biotechnology in North Carolina

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