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Microalgae Culture

Not having enough good quality algae when you need it is a common problem for hatcheries. Our automated, self-cleaning bioreactors make it easy to produce biosecure live algae on-site.

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Macroalgae Culture

High-quality seaweed seed supply is critical for success for growouts. Inconsistent supply can reduce yield, or even force growers to miss planting windows. Our seaweed bioreactors offer a stable, fully controllable biosecure environment to support your seed production.

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A Partner in Success

We’ve worked with customers from shellfish, shrimp, and finfish hatcheries for years to help improve their algae cultures. Our equipment is used to feed many aquacultured invertebrates including larval and juvenile mussels, clams, oysters, white legged shrimp, scallops, sea cucumbers and many more. Applications in rearing larval finfish include greenwater generation, and enriching zooplankton to feed rotifers, copepods & artemia.

Our global network of hatchery clients is an amazing resource, their feedback allows us to constantly improve our live feeds technology and ability to support the most sensitive life stages in the industry.

We Offer

  • Upfront scale and goal consultation to ensure proper solution fit
  • Remote coaching, onboarding and training until your culture’s production hits its milestones
  • Turnkey algae photobioreactor culture systems with optional on-site installation and training
  • PlanktonCare, an optional extended warranty with remote monitoring and consultation
  • Consultation and project planning

What Our Customers Say

Above and beyond doesn’t even come close to describing how helpful Shawn has been. From providing extensive instructions and tips during the initial set up to helping troubleshoot and fix any problems that arose during production it’s been a breath of fresh air dealing with someone who is so passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated about their product.”

Josh Perry – Cornell Cooperative Extension.

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