PBR 100L

Research Algae Photobioreactor
  • Kavalier and Schott Borosilicate Glass Tank
  • Adjustable LED Spectrum
  • Simple biosecure inoculation
  • Batch or continuous operation
  • Autoclavable tubing, filters and disconnects
  • 0.1µm air, vent and media filters
  • UV Sterilizer with 0.2µm absolute pre-filter
  • Automated stirring & addition of nutrients
  • Fits through standard door
  • 2 hour initial set-up
PBR 100L Features

Biosecure Algae Cultures
LED Adjustable LED Spectrum Designed for Algae
Real-time Graphing and Data Logging
pH control Closed-Loop pH Control
clean Self Cleaning Biosecure Tank
Automated Scale-up and Harvest
Remote Access & WiFi
Touchscreen Controls Intuitive Touchscreen Controls
Temperature control Integrated Temperature Control
How it Works
algae reactor
Biosecure disconnects make inoculation from starter algae culture (2L) simple & clean.
Scale Up
The PBR automatically adds water & nutrients as it scales up the culture over 7-10 days.
Algae reactor
The PBR automatically harvests in continuous or semi-continuous mode for months at a time. At any point the entire batch can be harvested.
Algae bioreactor
Between batches run the automated chemical CIP cycle to clean & sterilize the PBR. After a few hours the reactor is ready to be re-inoculated.

Continuous Production

10 – 50L harvested / day
10 – 35g / day algal dry weight (suspended in water)
0.4 – 1.3g / L algal ash free dry weight density

Production may vary based on quality of strain & inoculum

Species That Thrive

Isochrysis sp.
Nannochloropsis sp.
Tetraselmis sp.
Thalassiosira pseudonana
Thalassiosira weissflogii
Pavlova sp.
Karenia brevis
Skeletonema sp.
Chaetoceros Muelleri
Chaetoceros gracilis
Chaetoceros calcitrans
Haematococcus pluvialis
Spirulina sp.
Chlamydomonas sp.
Chlorella sp.

Technical Information

6-24 week continuous production
2L inoculant for 7-10 day scale up
1.5 hours / week of labor

Specifications subject to change without notice


Working Volume 100 L / 27 gal
Max Power Consumption (Spray Clean) 2,460 W
Avg. Steady State Power Consumption 1,500 W
Working Space (LxWxH) 2.03 m x 2.54 m x 1.98 m / 80 in x 100 in x 78 in
Doorway Clearance (WxH) 0.86 m x 1.83 m / 33.7 in x 72.5 in
Operational Weight 500 kg / 1,100 lbs

Specifications subject to change without notice