October 3 2023

Seed Train Inoculum

Bioreactors for Algae Seed Train Inoculum to Maximize Production in Massive Systems

The Drive Towards Scalable and Efficient Algae Production

Producing algae as a commodity for feed, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, carotenoids, and pigments calls for expansive setups.  Executing this production at scale and making this economical, vast installations like raceway ponds or extensive tubular systems are required. Although, the efficiency of these systems hinges on a critical factor: the inoculum/upscaling of uncontaminated, high-quality algae to kickstart production, and a lot of reliable inoculum is required to keep these systems running.

The Challenges of Traditional Cultivation

Traditional methods, specifically using laboratory processes (flask and carboy culture), present a challenge to cultivating pure algae to start these massive systems.  We all know producing algae this way is extremely labor-intensive and demands precision and care of the individuals growing algae. This complexity often leads many producers down a path of compromise, resorting to the less-biosecure systems. While these systems might be convenient, they come with their own set of issues. They inadvertently pave the way for contaminant organisms, especially nuisances like algal grazers and prolific bacteria. Once these contaminants gain a foothold early in the culture process, they replicate with the algae. The results are extremely detrimental, shaving off both the longevity and daily yields of the large-scale culture.

Enter Industrial Plankton’s Photobioreactors (PBRs)

Our bioreactors, complete with automated control of vital parameters, are optimized for producing a reliable and biosecure inoculum for massive systems. These PBRs can be set up to harvest continuously, in batch or in semi-continuous batch, and are modular. As a result, this makes them flexible and able to support any scale of inoculum needs. Our PBRs not only save the labour labor challenges associated with lab-scale microalgae cultivation, but also enhance the biosecurity of the process. Larger systems are inherently harder to keep clean. Using scaled down versions of larger system for generating inoculum for a massive system is likely to incorporate the contaminants oftentimes present in larger systems. By using our PBRs for algae seed train inoculum, which are essentially 1200 L carboys, inoculating your massive system becomes a breeze – efficient, clean, easy, and straightforward.

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