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Challenges For Researchers

  • Producing enough clean algae for assays, benchmarking, and agency approvals is challenging and labor intensive
  • Standard culture methods lack the controls required to optimize strains and achieve consistent results
  • Flask scale findings do not scale reliably to pilot and commercial scales
  • Larger cultures lack biosecurity, leading to contaminated cultures, poor production, and invalid experimental results

How PBRs Can Help

  • Improve clarity of results and extend culture lifetime through better biosecurity
  • Real-time data logging and graphing make it easy to optimize algae production in real-time
  • Monitor and control photobioreactor cultures from anywhere in the world with remote access
  • Minimize cleaning labor and increase reliability with the self-cleaning CIP system
  • Increase biomass production capabilities with minimal floor space
  • Plug & play algae equipment lets you hit the ground running

Industrial Plankton Offers

  • Turnkey algae photobioreactors with optional on-site installation and training
  • Full schematic and instructions for easy use and maintenance
  • Remote support, onboarding and training until your algae culture’s production hits its milestones
  • Real-time data logging and graphing that allows us to help you optimize production
  • PlanktonCare, an optional extended warranty with remote monitoring and consultation

What Our Customers Say

“The PBR has been very productive and low maintenance. The cleaning method is superior to any other method I have used over 15 years of culturing…”

Monte A. McGregor, Ph.D – Aquatic Scientist/Malacologist Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Center for Mollusc Conservation

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