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Automated equipment for high-density live plankton production

Our algae reactor systems are the solution for reliable on-site algae production, letting you focus on growing your business instead of your algae.

Dual tank photobioreactor by Industrial Plankton
Industries We Work With

With a suite of algae reactors and global distribution, Industrial Plankton bioreactors are solving the needs of algae producers around the world.


Industrial Plankton algae bioreactors produce biosecure, high density live algae for shellfish, shrimp, and finfish hatcheries. Use this equipment to feed larval mussels, clams, oysters, shrimp, scallops & more. Enhance larval finfish yields with greenwater or enriched zooplankton such as rotifers, copepods & artemia.


Easily manipulate parameters such as temperature, light level, photoperiod, nutrient addition, and pH. Access the data log and key parameters of your experiments through your mobile device or computer. Produce meaningful volumes of algae to trial new strains beyond flask volumes.


Bridge from the lab to industrial production in a closed system, with consistent parameters generating repeatable yields. Control vital parameters to optimize growth and bioproducts. Reduce downtime and simplify starting new batches with the integrated clean-in-place (CIP) system.

Why choose our Algae Reactors?

Our equipment improves operational efficiency by solving the major problems with on-site algae production.


Automation saves hours every week and enables users to optimize production simply through the touchscreen controls, in person or remotely.


All vital parameters are automatically controlled and easily adjusted, yielding consistent reliable algae production.


The self-cleaning and closed tank design prevents contamination entering and keeps cultures cleaner, longer.


Our design achieves incredible densities with consistent daily production, significantly reducing floorspace requirements for live algae production.
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