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March 26 2023

Technology and Automation

Advanced technology and automation can enhance the consistent production of high-quality larvae and algae. This article is from Hatchery...
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March 8 2023

Kelp Forest Summit

Kelp Forest Challenge While attending the International Seaweed Symposium in Hobart, Australia, our CEO, Robert Roulston had the chance...
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March 14 2022

Customer Stories

Some of our customers prefer not to be named, but for those that aren’t camera shy, we are proud...
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December 10 2020

Photobioreactors: Advantages & Disadvantages

What are open and closed algae culture systems? The two broadest methods of culturing algae at medium to large...
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March 1 2023

Biosecurity in Shrimp Hatcheries

Why is biosecurity important? When you hear the word “biosecurity”, what do you think? Footbaths, water treatment, and PPE?...
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February 14 2023


Microalgae Growth – Nutrients Nutrients are the components of media that microalgae use to grow and build their cells....
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February 8 2023

Weird Al Plankovic

Meet Weird Al Plankovic: The Town’s New Bioreactor That Will Supercharge Algae Production Jason Graziadei • Feb 06, 2023...
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December 15 2022

Shrimp, Asparagopsis, Oyster, and Kelp, Oh my! Newsletter

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December 13 2022

We’re Hiring – Algal Biologist

Join our team as an Algal Biologist!  Industrial Plankton’s new Algal Biologist will support the Chief Science Officer on...
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November 24 2022

CO2 and pH

Microalgae Growth – CO2 and pH This is Part #4 of our Microalgae Growth Series. Check out our other...
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November 14 2022

We’re Hiring – Admin Manager

Come join our team! The Company At Industrial Plankton we develop and produce bioreactors, focused on improving global food...
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