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November 16 2021

Calling Aquaculture Grads!

Funded Shellfish Hatchery Placements Orkney Shellfish Hatchery has received funding for four new aquaculture graduate positions. These aquaculture grads...
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October 20 2021

Algae-Based Pain Medication

Cawthron Institute develop world’s first algae-based local anaesthetic Cawthron Institute in New Zealand and researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital...
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March 30 2021

East Coast Shellfish Growers Newsletter

Industrial Plankton’s Photo Bioreactors a Game Changer for Hatcheries Check out the latest East Coast Shellfish Growers Association Newsletter...
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January 15 2021

Time-Lapse Algae Scale-Up

Algae Photobioreactor Time-Lapse Scale-Up Watch as the photobioreactor automatically scale-up this algae culture over four days. Inoculation This 1250L...
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December 10 2020

Photobioreactors: Advantages & Disadvantages

What are open and closed algae culture systems? The two broadest methods of culturing algae at medium to large...
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September 7 2021

New Agent in Israel

Eitan Sessler & Industrial Plankton Industrial Plankton Inc. is pleased to announce that we have entered into an agency...
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June 15 2021

Light Intensity

Microalgae Growth – Light Intensity If light is one of the key ingredients in photosynthesis, will more light always...
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May 19 2021

We’re Hiring – Electronics Technician – Now Closed

About the Company Industrial Plankton is a dynamic company that loves to innovate, build, and support the industries we...
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May 15 2021

Light Spectrum

Microalgae Growth – Light Spectrum Microalgae need light to grow and photosynthesize, but not all light is created equal. ...
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April 29 2021

Aquaculture Innovation Awards

BC Aquaculture Innovation Awards Finalists Industrial Plankton has been selected as one of the top 10 finalists for the...
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April 20 2021

We’re Hiring – Manufacturing Worker – Now Closed

About the Company Industrial Plankton is a dynamic company that loves to innovate, build and support the industries we...
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