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Standard Support

Each bioreactor comes with 60 days of complimentary technical and biological support, and one year of equipment coverage through our limited warranty.

  • An opportunity to ask questions about setting up and operating your equipment
  • For ongoing support, complimentary email support is always available, or if you prefer to speak directly with an expert we offer options to fit any budget
  • Access to a resource library including instruction manuals and video tutorials
Upgraded Support: PlanktonCare

Industrial Plankton designs and builds the equipment and software, so our experts can resolve most issues in a single session.

With a decade of experience supporting customers in over 32 countries, our technicians can help with more than just technical issues, and are a valuable resource to help achieve your production goals.

PlanktonCare Parts Kit

PlanktonCare includes a Parts Kit containing all the parts you’d need to operate for a standard production season without interruption, in addition to direct access to a PlanktonCare professional. The aim of PlanktonCare is to keep your bioreactor operating at peak efficiency and ensure that you continue to reliably culture high-density algae year-over-year without interruptions.

Extended Warranty

Marine environments and production facilities are hard on equipment. PlanktonCare gives peace of mind knowing that the normal wear and tear of a harsh environment is covered. If a component wears out and you don’t have a replacement on hand, we’ll expedite it to you.

If purchased with equipment, this extends the standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty by an additional year and can be renewed annually to continuously protect your equipment for up to five years from the original purchase.

Remote Access

How many times have you made a trip back to the facility to check that a valve was closed? PlanktonCare’s remote access subscription allows you to check, maintain, and optimize your algae cultures from any internet-enabled device regardless of where you are in the world. You can even harvest algae remotely, saving you transit time and even weekends.

Software Updates

At Industrial Plankton we have developed the world’s leading algae bioreactor control software, and are constantly improving it. Our software makes growing algae easy and reliable, so you can focus elsewhere. We know algae is critical, so our top focus is reliability.

PlanktonCare Discount

The PlanktonCare discount is an exclusive benefit for our PlanktonCare clients. This discount can be used on any part or consumable item that we regularly stock. This is great if you’re setting up a new lab or facility to work with our bioreactors, making it easy to ensure all the parts work together.

Included with PlanktonCare
Included with Equipment
Phone Support Number
Direct Number
Company Support Centre
Support Hours (Pacific Time)
8:00 - 21:00 7/week
9:00 - 17:00 Mon-Fri
Technical Support
60 Days
Biological Support
60 Days
Dedicated Support Specialist
Realtime Video/Messaging/Call Support
Remote Installation & Training
Remote Access
Spare Parts (filters, probes, tubing, etc.)
Expedited Warranty Part Delivery
Exclusive Discount
Installation & Training

New equipment can be intimidating. Our Bioreactors are turnkey, with detailed instruction manuals and videos, but if you want to start culturing algae as quickly as possible On-Site Installation & Training is a great option.

  • One of our specialists will visit your facility to teach you and your staff how to set up and use the bioreactor, including:
  • Pre-installation collaboration to ensure everything is ready for a seamless installation
  • Unpacking & assembly
  • Commissioning
  • Operation of the equipment
  • Preparing sterile inoculum
Staff Learning

Throughout the installation process staff learn about the integrated systems, breaking down each system into easily digestible parts and making the bioreactors simple to understand. This upfront investment in learning pays itself back as the in-depth understanding makes operation and maintenance intuitive.

Once the equipment is installed we focus on four key aspects of algae culturing with our bioreactors:

  • Cleaning
  • Inoculation
  • Scale-up
  • Harvesting

If an inoculum is ready, we’ll even help with your first inoculation and scale-up. The support doesn’t stop when we leave, with your permission we can monitor your culture remotely and guide you through your first culture to avoid common mistakes, and ultimately help optimize production.

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