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Reliable Seed Supply

Without consistent production, it can be challenging to meet market demand and maintain a stable income for the seaweed farmer.

A reliable seed supply can ensure that downstream efforts are successful and sustainable over the long-term.

Industrial Plankton’s seaweed bioreactors provide a stable culture environment to reliably produce high-quality seaweed seed when you need it while reducing the requirement for collecting wild seed.

Accelerating R&D

Industrial Plankton’s Seaweed Bioreactor (SBR) system makes it easy to control vital culture parameters such as temperature, pH, and light. The data graphing interface allows you to make informed decisions and optimize growth in real time. 

The modular system allows researchers to culture seaweed seed in controlled conditions, which accelerates finding critical optimizations for seaweed culture. These systems can help researchers optimize conditions for genetic improvements, such as strain selection, selective breeding, and hybridization.


Impact of High-Quality Seaweed Seed

  • Yield: High-quality seaweed seed is critical to achieving higher yields, as it has a higher likelihood of successful germination and growth. This can be particularly important for commercial seaweed farmers, who rely on high yields to make their operations financially viable.
  • Quality: High-quality seaweed seed can also lead to higher quality seaweed, as it is more likely to produce seaweed with desirable characteristics such as high nutritional content, good texture, and flavor.
  • Crop Resilience: High-quality seaweed seed is more resistant to diseases and environmental factors, reducing losses and improving overall productivity.
Photo credit: Scott Lindell & Dave Bailey
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

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