July 25 2022

12 Year Company Anniversary

Industrial Plankton Anniversary

12 years ago we founded Industrial Plankton.

I couldn’t be more proud of the company and team we’ve become. To celebrate the Industrial Plankton anniversary, we took the entire team on a company retreat to Bamfield BC.

Bamfield is a special place for us, it’s where our first customer (Nova Harvest) is located. Anyone in business knows how memorable the milestone of a first customer is. Now our bioreactors are in 23 countries, but you never forget your first. It’s been great to support Nova Harvest with multiple algae bioreactors over the years, and watch them become a powerhouse shellfish hatchery/producer here in BC.

While in Bamfield we also had the opportunity to meet Tom Campbell, the President & Founder, of West Coast Kelp. and tour their seaweed nursery.

Thanks to everyone in the industry for the support over the past 12 years. Cheers to more good years ahead!

Please enjoy a few photos of our adventure:

learning how to shuck oysters
Learning how to shuck oysters!
Bamfield Marine Science Center
Bamfield Marine Science Center
oyster farm tour
Oyster farm tour
Frisbee on Pachena Beach
Enjoyed evening frisbee at Pachena Beach

Industrial Plankton Anniversary at Pachena Beachin Bamfield