May 19 2022

Postdoc Position


Postdoc position with Nova Harvest & Dr. Alyssa Joyce

This post originally appeared on The Bamfield Marine Science Center website


Location: Nova Harvest, Bamfield, BC

Dr. Alyssa Joyce, Associate Professor, Department of Marine Science University of has several postdoc positions available that require strong laboratory skills in molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry, bio-engineering and related disciplines. Dr. Joyce is a Swedish/Canadian, but a professor in the Department of Marine Science at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. She has at least one postdoc position available that would best be filled by a Canadian citizen willing to work on Vancouver Island (Bamfield) at least part of the time. The candidate would be working with several Canadian companies (shellfish aquaculture, on phytoplankton bioreactor production). However before applying, candidates should also consider their future interest in  long-term travel (to Australia, USA and Asia), and their ability to relocate to Europe.

The aforementioned 2 year (renewable) postdoc position will focus on microalgal research, thus candidates should have a PhD and relevant laboratory research skills for work on bioreactor production of diatoms. Several other postdoc positions are also available related to aquaponics and shellfish aquaculture, including a postdoc position within a project funded by the Swedish International Development Agency in the South Pacific/Western Indian Ocean region. These other Postdoc positions would NOT be based in British Columbia. However, feel free to also send your CV and cover letter if you have an interest in these other projects. All expressions of interest should be sent to Dr. Alyssa Joyce Associate Professor, Department of Marine Science University of  clearly indicating your publication history, specific statistical and laboratory expertise, as well as ability to be mobile and work in remote locations.

Plankton IncubatorMore information about their research group can be found here:

The exact start date is negotiable. Salary is approx $4500 CAD/month or $50,000/year after most taxes and benefits (in Canada salaries are quoted before deductions, in Sweden after them). You will also have a full spectrum of vacation benefits, as well as coverage from business

travel insurance. You do not need Swedish or European citizenship to work as a Postdoc or Research Manager in this project, as work permits can be arranged.