October 14 2020

The Digital Future of Aquaculture

  Investing in the Digital Future of Aquaculture

HATCH Innovation Services lined up an amazing panel of experts to speak on the Digital Future of Aquaculture.

What can cutting edge technology bring to aquaculture? This is a mix of AI, automation, and early stage innovation.

One of the panel speakers was Nolan Paul, Partner at Yamaha Motor Ventures. They were set up 5 years ago to explore what the next frontier would be for their company. Food and Ag was one of the areas that caught their attention for early investments. With seafood being added last year, their marine group makes up 50% of their operating income. They believe seafood can capture some of the growing need for protein. Admitting their new to the space, but willing to learn, Nolan believes there can be overlaps between the aquaculture and ag value-chain.

A challenge can be what to do with the data. What type of data should be collected? For example if you have 15 different startups collecting 15 different sets and layers of data, how does a company work with that? Nolan has seen an evolution where those companies now collect the specific data, analyze the data, and present to a customer. Even further down the value chair are the companies that follow those steps, with and add additional value by suggesting recommendations and actions. Providing this completed package to a customer has huge value.

Nolan says when they’re looking to invest in companies they get most excited about companies that have a vision to become a platform. These early stage companies have to be solving a valuable and real world problem.

Why are plant based Ag Tech companies often have high valuations for investors, compared to aquaculture companies? Nolan believes it’s because the Ag Tech section is 5-8 years ahead of aquaculture tech. Uncontrolled environments and long growing seasons adds to the longer time frame. He thinks the time will come for aquaculture tech companies as well.
Investing in the Digital Future of Aquaculture - presented by HATCH Innovation Services
Speakers included:

Nolan Paul, Partner at Yamaha Motor Ventures
Trond Kathenes, CIO of Grieg Seafood
Martin Gutberlet, Managing Director at Baader
Carsten Krome, Founder & Managing Partner at Hatch
View the full panel talk on Hatch’s YouTube page