October 7 2020

Database Developer

We’re hiring a Database Developer!
About the Job

We are now looking to upgrade our Materials Management System to streamline our inventory and production processes. 

About the Company

Industrial Plankton designs and manufactures cutting-edge industrial bioreactors to automate the production of live microorganisms, algae and zooplankton.  Our equipment is used in aquaculture to produce live feed for hatcheries, and in biotech to produce high value products. 

We have a temporary position for a skilled individual, passionate about web development, database design and process development. Working with our lead Software Developer, the Database Developer will become a key part of the team responsible for upgrading our existing inventory and production systems into a new cloud based Materials Management System.


To be eligible to apply you must meet the requirements for the Digital Tech Internships grant.


  • Relational SQL Database design and integration
  • Building  a new flexible web-based frontend
  • Implement secure sign in from google accounts
  • Support golang backend development
  • Writing test code
Valuable Experience for the Role:
  • Full-stack web development
  • SQL Database design
  • Data analysis
  • Git
  • Google App Scripts
  • Golang
  • React javascript framework

To apply please send resume and cover letter to info@industrialplankton.com