September 22 2020

Virtual Facility Tour

Algae Bioreactor Technology for Hatcheries, Virtual Facility Tour and Q&A


This webinar, hosted by Venture Farms, was open to all aquaculture, research and biotech professionals.

Robert Roulston, CEO of Industrial Plankton Inc. will take you on a virtual tour of their algae bioreactor facility in Canada. Following the tour will be an opportunity for Q&A.

Joining Mr. Roulston on the tour will be J.P. Hastey, founder of Nova Harvest Ltd. Mr. Hastey was recognized as one of the industry’s “Top 10 under 40 Hatchery Professionals” last year by Hatchery International. Nova Harvest operates a geoduck and oyster hatchery, as well as an oyster grow out farm on the west coast of Canada. They use science based approaches to support the development of a sustainable shellfish industry.

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*Note the facility tour begins at the 26:10 minute mark, after company introductions, and is followed by Q&A.Algae Bioreactor Facility Tour

About Robert Roulston:

Robert Roulston founded Industrial Plankton in 2010. Robert holds a BSc in Biology from McGill University and a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Victoria.

Robert has always had a passion for aquatic organisms and is an avid marine aquarist with a background of industrial automation.  His drive to create innovative live feed equipment was born when he recognized that producing quality live feed was a bottleneck for many aquacultured species that could be solved with automation. His company, Industrial Plankton has developed live feed equipment for producing algae and zooplankton with a focus on maintaining a stable biosecure culture environment.

Robert hopes that by delivering user friendly and biosecure live feed technology, Industrial Plankton can help stabilize the base of the aquacultured food chain and help with global food production of sustainable seafoods.

About J.P. Hastey:

JP Hastey founded Nova Harvest over 9 years ago building his shellfish hatchery from the ground up. He put his education, a BSc in Biology and an MSc in Animal Science, to hard work as he innovated growing Nova Harvest through a combination of experimentation and tenacity. JP is recognized as one of Canada’s leaders in shellfish aquaculture and was even recognized for it globally as one of Hatchery International’s top 10 under 40. He is on the board of directors for the British Columbia Shellfish Growers Association and volunteers on many community non-profit boards in the coastal community of Bamfeild, BC, where JP and Nova Harvest call home.

JP was Industrial Plankton’s first customer. As his operation has grown he has continued to add photobioreactors to his hatchery, and now has 6 units, including those original two from 2012. Along with constantly improving his hatchery his sights are set on improving the scalability of the entire shellfish aquaculture industry and has recently made moves to this with his vertical expansion into oyster farming.

About Industrial Plankton Inc:

Industrial Plankton Inc. develops algae bioreactors for on-site live algae production for hatcheries and green water. Their algae bioreactors are currently used in 18 countries and counting. They will be launching their compact rotifer culture system later this year.