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Biosecurity Improved

Industrial Plankton’s high-density continuous rotifer system provides a stable culture environment to reliably produce high-quality rotifers day after day, with the additional benefit of significant labor savings.

Continuous Rotifer Culture

Water from the 1000L culture tank is recirculated through an attached biofilter, promoting a stable culture of beneficial bacteria to outcompete opportunistic pathogens. To maintain good water quality, organic waste is removed using a mechanical filter, a foam fractionator, and finally ammonia is detoxified in the biofilter.

The rotifer system makes it easy to control vital parameters such as temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen. The touchscreen automates routine functions like feeding and harvesting, while logging and graphing data in realtime.

Impact of High-Quality Rotifers

High-density continuous rotifer production significantly reduces labor and floorspace, but the primary benefit is biosecurity. Feeding high quality rotifers reduces early infections, resulting in animals with higher survival and growth rates in the hatchery, and better performance during grow-out.

The rotifer culture system is turnkey and easy to install.  It minimizes labour and runs continuously, producing high quality rotifers to increase hatchery revenue.

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