January 16 2024

2023 Recap

2023 was a big year for the company!

We’ll be undergoing a major facility expansion in the new year to meet the growing demand for our micro-algae bioreactors, and our new product line of seaweed bioreactors that support seedling production for the emerging seaweed sector.

I am extremely proud of our team for pushing the limits of manufacturing & science while delivering top-notch support for our clients in 32 countries and counting…😊

Robert Roulston – CEO

Industrial planton 2023

 2023 In the News Highlights – Aquaculture

🍼 How Hatcheries Produce Oysters for Aquaculture. The Baby Oyster Bottleneck. See our bioreactors halfway into the article. (More here)

🌊 A Hatchery for the Future. See how our bioreactors are used in the Cornell Cooperative Extension Marine Aquaculture Program. (More here)

🦪 Milford site of new program to breed oysters to withstand global warming and other threats. (More here)

⛵ First bioreactor for Nantucket. The Town’s New Bioreactor That Will Supercharge Algae Production. (More here)

🌐 We made it into an FAO manual! FAOs “Hatchery-based seed production of the Japanese scallop, Mizuhopecten yessoensis”. Photo of our bioreactor on page 11. (More here)

📟 Hatchery Feeds and Management article on Hatchery Technology and Automation at Ferry Cove. (More here)

Baby Oyster Bottleneck. Photo credit Logan Bilbrough

In the News – Seaweed

🧪 Kelp us Learn, Seaweed Reproduction in Hatcheries. (More here)

🎃 National Research Council’s Seaweed Bioreactors spooky Halloween video. (More here)

🔬 North Island College CARTI Seaweed Series – Selective Kelp Breeding. (More here)

NRC Ketch Harbor Seaweed Bioreactors

In the News – General

👌 It’s not every day you get a shout out from Weird Al Yankovic. Turns out it was a “Lifelong dream” for the legend to have a bioreactor named after him! (More here)

🗻 Japan International Seafood & Technology Expo.  B.C. Agritech Innovations Shine in Japan. (More here)

Happy Holidays from the Industrial Plankton team!

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