June 7 2023

Seaweed Series

North Island College Hosts Seawed Series

Thanks to North Island College for hosting the Seaweed Series. A collection of presentations from industry experts on innovations in the seaweed industry.

One video from their series we would like to highlight is Series #4 where you can find mention of Industrial Plankton and our Seaweed Gametophyte Bioreactors at ~22:22 and 45:30 minute mark. Check out Scott Lindell of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and David Waring, data curator for The Triticeae Toolbox and SugarKelpBase at Cornell University in this series. They each deliver a presentation followed by Q&A.

Seaweed Series 4 – Selective Kelp Breeding & the SugarKelpBase

More information on the Seaweed Series and past presentations can be found on the North Island College’s website.

Special shoutout and thanks to Logan Zeinert for coordinating these seminars!


Visit here learn more about Industrial Plankton’s Modular Seaweed Gametophyte Bioreactors