October 28 2019

We’re hiring! Day Shift Production Technician

About the Job
Industrial Plankton designs and manufactures cutting-edge industrial bioreactors, used by our clients to produce live feed in aquaculture hatcheries, and various end-products (nutraceuticals, oils, etc.) for the biotech sector.

We have an opening for a skilled individual, passionate about building innovative products. The Day Shift – Production Technician will become a key part of the team responsible for assembling and testing bioreactors in a fast paced manufacturing facility.

● Forming, gluing and working engineered plastics into complex shapes
● Routing, sanding and polishing
● Assembly of pumps, LED lighting components, and tank accessories
● Self managing time to meet daily objectives
● Meticulous quality testing of parts and processes
● Maintaining production documentation

Applicant Attributes
● Experience working with plastics, wood, and metal products in a shop environment
● Self motivated and with proven time management
● Extensive knowledge of hand tools, power tools, saws, routers, and lathes
● Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
● Understanding of industrial environments, engineering and production processes

To apply please send resume and cover letter to info@industrialplankton.com