November 16 2018

Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association Conference

Industrial Plankton attended the 72nd Annual Shellfish Growers Conference & Trade Show at the Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine, Washington.There was lots of learning, and catching up with new and old friends from the shellfish industry.


Drayton Harbor Oyster Shuckers

On the first evening, after setting up an algae bioreactor for the trade show, we enjoyed grilled oysters and freshly shucked oysters. These oysters were courtesy of Mark and Steve Seymour’s company, Drayton Harbor Oyster Co.

This event was hosted on the beautiful Seaview Terrace at the Semiahmoo Resort.

If you have not yet tried Drayton Harbor Oysters, we highly recommend visiting their oyster bar in Blaine, Washington. They are certainly not to be missed!

Check out the photos below of some familiar faces in the National Shellfish Association ”Geoduck Dunk Tank”. Brave volunteers and some special VIP nominees were selected to be dunked in the tank. Participants in the crowd paid for the opportunity to throw a ball at the target and make a splash! The funds raised will be put towards NSA student scholarships.

Pacific Coast Shellfish Association student fundraiser
Some of the people being dunked were more prepared than others!

PCSGA student fundraiser dunk tank

We look forward to seeing everyone at next years conference. If you would rather not wait a year to see us, then feel free to visit us in Victoria, British Columbia!